Past Meetup

SMOJoe SEO Show - Fun Interactive Web Marketing Workshop


SMOJoe SEO Show is coming to Chalkers Pub Billiards Bistro ( June 17th 2014 starting at 7pm. Bring your computer! Tweet about it and tell your Facebook friends you're gonna be a star.

This is a fantastic night - its fun and very educational. The audience learns lots of amazing info about search engine optimization SEO and how Google goes about deciding which websites to put first for which keywords and WHY.

There is no boring power point presentation for the SMOJoe SEO Show; instead there will be two of more laptop computers connected to two or more projectors / screens showing live searches on the internet. Rob uses free tools available to anyone and encourages folks to 'try this at home'.

Rob demonstrates the basics of SEO before he goes about diagnosing audience volunteer's websites. With everyone watching, he publicly diagnoses website meta text values and seeks sales funnels under good stories. He looks for crumbs to share and make social link solutions on other audience members platforms, blogs and social channels. It's a fascinating exercise that profits all audience participants as Rob makes people and their websites more important on the internet, right there in the room!

Bloggers are the Kings of the SMOJoe SEO Show and they'll win the most and best prizes. Do you have a blog?

Audience members with blogs that do live posts and tweet and make media as per Rob's instructions are generously rewarded with sponsor gifts that night. And on the other end of the spectrum, audience members with boring websites who need help from bloggers and 'citizen journalists' are schooled on how to approach them and make meaningful contributions to society together with them, helping everyone.

Is your blog or ecommerce website as findable as you'd like? Are you paying people to do things you don't really understand? Or alternatively, are you being paid to do stuff and want to learn how to do more, better promotions? Then this workshop is for you.

Here's a snapshot of Rob Campbell (on the right) giving away a free coffeemaker courtesy of the SEO Show sponsors for Growth Hackers 23rd April 2014 MeetUp (

David Woogan won the prize because he blogged about the event during the event and posted a video of a poem he wrote to win the attention of the audience. Even more because a pretty girl pulled his name out of a popcorn bowl! I'm not kidding. It was a fun-filled night that started early and went late. That's a $200 office coffee maker.

The Presenter, Rob Cambell, CEO, Smojoe

Rob teaches SEO at Humber College ( on Weds nights. When he's not there he runs an effective SEO solutions company in Toronto, SMOJoe ( publishes media in many different places, making companies more important on the internet one story funnel at a time. Rob's unique skills and mass relationships are valuable to firms trying to increase their search engine traffic totals in a post Hummingbird (Google search algorithm update) world. Today websites have to earn reputation and authority online, and the evolving Google search algorithm measures each digital enterprise by asking ' who cares?'. Approximately 3 hours

Hope you can join us for this fascinating workshop. $10.00 at the door