What we're about

I've seen women spend years trying to "get over" divorce, betrayal, heartache, resentment.

And what I know is it doesn't have to take years unless you love suffering.

This is not a "support" group to rehash what went wrong. This is a group about taking personal responsibility for your life and coming out the other side knowing who you really are and what you really want in life, and then going for it with gusto. A life well lived is one from meaning and purpose. You have the power to change your destiny. You have been given a great gift. Are you ready to woman up and give back to the world from your true power?

This group is for Smart, savvy, successful women who gave their all to someone who left. You :

Would do anything for anybody, lend a listening ear when needed

Have found yourself alone for the first time and it feels lousy, you don't know what will make you happy, you know you don't want to make that mistake again, and you feel like you really don't have anyone to share what is going in inside you with

Wondering if this is all there is, even work - isn't the distraction it once was, and time is running out

Are feeling like a fool for not seeing it coming


You want to find out what you are made of, who you really are, and what you are meant to do on this planet in this lifetime

You are ready to claim responsibility for everything in your life and use everything you were handed as FUEL to IGNITE your purpose and sparkle

You are ready to really make some shifts - so that you go from "comfortable & boring" to EXCITED about your LIFE and all the POSSIBILITIES it holds when you Reconnect with YOUR Brilliance,Reignite or FIND for the first time – YOUR PURPOSE, and Start Living YOUR Fabulous Life Now

This group is not for you if:

you desire to focus on what you don't want (i.e. - what he "did" to you)

you want to hurry up and find another partner in your life (without doing the work)

you want to play the victim - even though it hurts badly

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