What we're about

Living Life After Divorce is about empowering ALL women to live their BEST LIFE!

Whether you are divorced or just looking to join a group of like-minded fearless women who want to move FORWARD into the next Chapter of their life as a VICTORIOUS WINNER! This group is for [YOU]!

During each of our Meetup events, every woman will be inspired to Live, Laugh, Discover, Grow & SOAR!

We are highly motivated women who are looking FORWARD to GROWING into the next Chapter of our life.

My goal as the organizer of this group is to equip every woman with the proper tools that will empower and inspire HER to overcome challenges and obstacles that in turn will enable HER to have the power to ultimately turn those challenges into victories.

Are you ready to find out what you are made of, who you really are, and what you are meant to do in this grand world--called life? Let's GO!

Are you are ready to claim responsibility for everything in your life and use everything you were handed as FUEL to IGNITE your purpose so you can shine? Let's GO!

Are you ready to make some shifts - so that you go from "comfortable & boring" to EXCITED about your LIFE and all the POSSIBILITIES it holds when you Reconnect with YOUR Brilliance and Reignite or FIND for the first time – YOUR PURPOSE, it's time for your to celebrate life so you can live your BEST LIFE! Let's GO!

Great things are on the horizon for our group!


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