Past Meetup

WHIRLYBALL @ E-ZONE, ETOBICOKE :-) ------> Fully Booked! <------


Let's get together on March 1 for a really fun experience at E-Zone in Etobicoke. We have booked the WHIRLYBALL facility for 2 full hours, exclusively for our group.

We will meet at E-Zone at 1:30 pm in order to set up the 4 teams and to provide some basic information about the rules of the game. Please try to be there on time. Thanks!

Games will start promptly at 2pm.

I am sure that some of you will probably ask: "What on earth is Whirlyball"?

WhirlyBall is a 50' x 80' totally enclosed court
with a backboard on each end. You need two
teams of five. Each team player gets a scoop and
a bumper car. In each game your team tries to
outmaneuver and outscore your opponent- similar
to basketball (with a little hockey and jai-alai
mixed in).

We will have 4 teams of 5 players each. Each team will play every other team once. So, everyone gets to play 3 games of approx. 15 minutes each. After all the games have been completed, we will add up the scores and declare our Whirlyball champions.

Folks, if you have never played Whirlyball before, you MUST give this a try. I can guarantee that you will have an absolute blast and you just might get hooked.

The E-Zone also has a very nice pub/restaurant, where we can get together after the games to have a bite to eat and/or some drinks. Of course, it will also give us an opportunity to brag about our accomplishments during the games.

Since you will be driving a bumper car and some other players will bump into you, Whirlyball is not recommended if you have a back injury, recently suffered a concussion, or suffer from any other medical condition that might be aggravated by this activity. If you are not sure whether it would be safe for you to participate, please check with your family doctor. The "Life Begins at 40" meetup group and its organizers cannot be held responsible for any injuries suffered during this event. If played properly and within the game's rules, this is a very safe activity.

For additional information about Whirlyball and other activities, please check the website of E-Zone.

If you have any question regarding this event, please contact your assistant organizer, Markus. I will be happy to provide any further information you will need.


* This is a pre-paid event and you can only participate in this event if we have received your payment by the payment due date (10 Feb)

* We have to confirm, guarantee and pay for this event in full, at least 2 weeks before the event date.

* Therefore, once we have confirmed the event to E-Zone, we will be charged in full. We will therefore not be available to offer any refunds to you if you have to cancel.

* A refund will only be offered if we have to cancel the event due to insufficient number of participants or any other unforeseen reasons.

* If you are unable to participate, you can, of course, also try to find a replacement to come in your place.

* The event can only take place if we have a minimum number of 20 participants.


* CASH: Bring $26 in cash to any meetup event of "Life Begins at 40", between now and the payment deadline of February 10. Cash can be handed to either Alex or Markus

* E-MAIL TRANSFER: Set up an electronic e-mail transfer through your bank. Send the e-mail transfer to the following e-mail address: or Use the security question: "What game will we be playing?" Answer "Whirlyball".