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Many people know about past life regression and the healing that can come with deeper understanding of the soul's journey. But do you know about regressing to the space between lives when one exists completely and solely in spirit? Dr. Michael Newton has written several books documenting his work with clients in this realm and his Institute trains practitioners to offer facilitation of this journey to others.
Life Between Lives-LBL (tm) work requires preparation, understanding of the process, familiarity with current life and past life regression, and an ability to be open to the experience of learning more about the soul's journey. It is not for everyone as some have more immediate work to do related to this lifetime before delving into deeper and more fundamental concerns of the soul.
The purpose of this meetup is:
* to provide an introduction to the LBL process,
* to support an introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy so that you are familiar with how it works and how you experience it,
* to support experiential learning about guided imagery and your personal experiences and facility with visualization,
* to provide an experiential introduction to past life regression as it relates to LBL, and
* to give an overview of an LBL experience so that you as the client have an understanding the details of costs, time required, and preparations

This meetup is open to anyone who has interest in learning more about the journey of the soul and regressions to allow for deeper exploration. All experiential trainings are done in a group setting, and participants may decide to work separately with the host for further personal understanding.

Locations for our meetups:

Our meetups are scheduled for several locations to support members being able to attend conveniently. We schedule at 1) the HCH Institute in Lafayette, 2) private residence in El Sobrante, and 3) private residence in Sausalito. If members are interested in scheduling individual sessions for past life or life between life regressions, these will be done at a mutually convenient time and location.

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