What we're about


Throw away the coaching books... This is not a place where you will be taught carefully crafted strategies and systems for success. This is where we will examine your attitudes, mindset, beliefs, perspectives, ideologies, coping strategies, energetic tensions in your body and the mental gymnastics you go through on a daily basis which move you away from your point of power and joy.

Rather than spend time dreaming, we'll get practical, knowing that getting "unstuck" and moving in the right direction will lead you to those dreams which are always alive in the background.

Because when you peel away the layers of social conditioning and start living in accordance of your, generally ignored, own personal guidance, instead of following someone else's plan for your life, you will witness magic unfolding!

I will incorporate the best of what I've learned from a background as a researcher, crisis counsellor, teacher, group home youth counsellor, volunteer trainer, employee, manager, parent, health coach, biofeedback trainer, sociologist and keen observer of human nature at it's finest.

If there's enough interest, I'd like to do a series of weekly group coaching / biofeedback sessions since there's power in harnessing momentum. With our interactive approach based on trial, observation and adaptation, I expect people to see real improvements in their lives week to week.

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