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Life, Death, Near Death & Beyond with Bill Letson
William J. Letson Jr. is a retired fire captain and forester of 35 years. In 1994 his engine company responded to, and treated, a severely ill patient in the Santa Barbara area. Within a few days he was hospitalized with a similar illness and was admitted to intensive care where he spent the night extremely dehydrated with failing vital signs. During that night he underwent a profound Near Death Experience (NDE) where he separated from his physical body, travelled through a star filled realm and interacted with some very strange ‘other worldly’ beings. Bill spent the next 15 years quietly trying to make sense of the incredibly blissful sensations of dying, the very unusual and loving beings he met with, and the persistence of self (consciousness) without a material body. After recognizing similarities in many other accounts by NDE’ers in 2010, Bill set out to discover first-hand the true nature of our earthly journey. He tells the tale of powerful, but wise and kind shamans, alien abductions, ghosts, magical chi, mysterious jungle villages, unlimited cosmic energies, Kundalini, and a very unlikely awakening. Built around the little-known teachings and discoveries of Nicola Tesla, Edgar Cayce, Wilhelm Reich, Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor, Osho, Robert Monroe, Dr. Mary Neal, and many more, Bill’s “straight talk” story will introduce any would be seeker to a mystical world that has been mostly hidden, and nearly erased, from our cultural mainstream. He is the author of "Full Contact Kundalini," a book about his experiences. Bill lives in Atascadero, California with Lia, his wife of 40 years, along with their ranch cats, running dogs, and joyful egg laying hens. He likes to split his time between California and Costa Rica and can be reached at [masked] _____________________________________________________________ Register: $20 – cash, check or credit card If you have financial challenges, please call the office or ask at the door. Drop-in okay; however, your pre-registration is appreciated and helps us to plan. Thanks.

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