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This game will be recurring every week or two. The buy in is $40, with unlimited rebuys until 7:45pm.

It sounded like there was a consensus at the last game that it would be more fun if the blinds increased at a slower pace. So, instead of doubling the blinds every half hour indefinitely (the setup on November 18), what if we increased the blinds in the following manner:

5:15 -- Blinds at 2% of buy-in (i.e. 20, out of a buy-in of 1000)

5:45: 4% (40)

6:15: 6% (60)

6:45: 10% (100)

7:15: 15% (150)

7:45: 20% (200)

8:15: 40% (400)

8:45: 60% (600)

9:15: 100% (1000)

9:45: 150% (1500)

10:15: 200% (2000)


Would love your guys feedback. I'm really interested in finding out what most of you guys like, to find a better overall balance.

Additionally -- it seemed like most people thought the payout structure at the prior game was too geared toward first place. Also, given the amount of players, an additional winner (for 4th place) sounds to me to be entirely reasonable. So, instead of the previous 70/20/10 payout structure (for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place), how about a 50/25/15/10 payout (for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)? Please feel free to respond to this with your preferences.


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