What we're about

The purpose of this meetup is to create an atmosphere where we can share ideas that will help us reach our goals. In addition to sharing ideas, we will serve as a sort of accountability system to make sure that we stick to the changes we make to improve ourselves.

Anything related to improving yourself or your current situation is fair game. The primary mindset will be to figure out how we can use technology to "hack" our way to a great life. We will cover a variety of productivity tools, systems, and skillsets to manage your personal life or small business.

If you are small business owner, or just someone who has some really interesting tools, systems, or ideas, we'd love to learn about them. Please come by and share what you've learned and help others improve their existing systems.

If you're struggling with some area of your life, you most likely would benefit from learning some new tools to help manage those areas. I was amazed at how much my life improved once I learned to use Mint, Trello, and Evernote. We can take a look at what you're currently using, make recommendations for improvement, or just be a soundboard to help you process

Possible future formats:

• book discussions

• software demonstrations and reviews

• mastermind sessions

Possible future topics include:

• Distraction Management

• Goal Setting and Prioritization

• Time Management

• How to go Paperless

• Personal Money Management

• Mindset Management

Example of software:

• Alfred

• Vimium/Vim

• Keyboard Maestro

• Trello

• Mint

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