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Ever notice there are so many Schnauzers in this town? And why not? Beach ... check! One of the funniest dog breeds around ... check! We've got it made. This Meetup group is for people with Schnauzers who would like to meet other people with Schnauzers. It's also for people with Schnauzers who would like their Schnauzers to meet other Schnauzers. It's bound to be a howling good time! So bring your Miniature, your Standard, your Giant ... your Schnoodle, your Schnorkie, your Schnug, your Schneagle, your Schnolfhound, your Schnepard, your Schnaubrador, your ... Look, we're an inclusive group and we're celebrating the Schnauzer. You know if you've got one ... even part of one ... so come over and let's get this Schnauzer party started!

-The 3rd Sunday of each month, 1:30pm-3:30pm.
-At El Dorado Dog Park, in Long Beach, on Spring St near the 605 FWY, across from Long Beach Animal Care Services.
Once we get a group growing or some consistency, we can do revolving locations, so be sure to suggest one. The only requirements are that it be in Long Beach and in a contained area like a dog park. We will not meet in someone's home as a Meetup. Official group Meetups will be in public locations.

A few guidelines:
-Your dog must be friendly and easy with other dogs.
-You must have a leash for your dog (not that your dog has to remain on-leash, just be sure to have one with you)
-You must bring poop bags.
-You must remain with your dog at all times (i.e., no leaving dogs unattended at the Meetup).
-You must be attentive to your dog's behavior (if you don't know what this means, please ask).

-Kids + Schnauzers = Mind blown with cuteness!
However, please remember that this is a dog event. This means that focus at this Meetup is on being with, learning about, making friends with dogs. While many children get along well with dogs and many dogs get along well with children, not all dogs get along well with all children and not all children get along well with all dogs.
-Please help us keep this event fun for everyone by considering carefully before bringing children.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. All are encouraged to join the fun, to spread the fun, to be the fun! It's the Schnauzer way!

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