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If you are in a hurry scroll down to "Here's the rest..." (although, if you are you probably aren't going to like this meetup).

Otherwise, please, read carefully! Then decide if this meetup is for you.

= = = =

Most of us go through our lives watching from the sidelines how others are making it all happen for them.

Most of us feel left out.

What escapes most of us, however, is the fact that we absolutely have a choice to make things all happen for us as well.

The problem is - most of us choose not to exercise this choice!

And, in addition to that, some of us choose (because it is a choice) to blame others and thus choose to give their own power away.

(count how many times the word "choice" will appear here)

The founder of Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan once said: "All progress begins with telling the truth."

I was once one of these people I described above. I used to think that success and money are hard to get by, that I'm not worth having it, that life was treating me bad, that I am just "not lucky".

I spent a good part of my life in this (some call it "the victim") drifty state.

One day I realized that if I keep doing what I've always done I will keep getting the results I've always gotten.

I didn't like my results. I wanted a change. And, I wanted it bad!

So, I chose to tell myself the truth first.

And, with that done, I chose (because it is a choice) to seek ways to permanently depart from "the drift" and re-enter "the FLOW".

The FLOW is where things are just happening (I'm starting to get glimpses of it -- it's just awesomely liberating!)

I've still got a lot of work to do get myself to where I want to be - and, really - where I was when I was a 2-3-year old, pure, innocent, judgment-free and all-powerful child. And, I'm making good strides.

I went from someone who suffered from excessive self-consciousness where I wouldn't be able to walk through a full restaurant without feeling like everyone's eyes are on me and I'm constantly being judged...

...to someone who can enter a random Starbucks, pull a chair, step on it, clap his hands to attract everyone's attention, give an inspiring speech, get off the chair, and leave the place without buying anything.

(in effect, committing a mini ego-suicide :-)

This isn't a miracle. I am not a super-hero.

I am still a man who experiences doubts, self-image issues, ego-generated fears and inner self-resistance.

However, I choose (because it is a choice) not to let these stop me. I chose to empower myself.

And, my Comfort Zone has grown exponentially.

More and more things seem to be happening with not much effort.

And, it seems like the Univers is finally beginning to cooperate!

I am not telling you all this to brag about my growth (I still have waaaaays to go). I'm telling you this because I want you to know that regardless of where you are in your personal journey toward your own greatness, you too can have the Universe cooperate. You, too, can make a choice to permanently depart "the drift" and begin to pave your way toward "the FLOW" where things just happen.

We can walk this path together. And, it is fun - I promise.

It is so wonderfully liberating to feel that you have finally begun regaining your true FREEDOM!

But, it all starts with telling yourself the truth first!

So, if you agree that:

- being in the drift (being a victim) is a choice
- you are free to make your own choices
- no one is responsible for your happiness and success or lack thereof - only you are
- you can change your destiny by simply telling the truth and making a commitment to stay firmly in your own power

Then I invite you to join me on this journey.

= = = =

Here's the rest...

This is how we are going to roll:

- We will gather monthly. Goal: to empower and be empowered!

- Each meetup will start with a meet-and-great, followed by a short casual talk that I will give on any of the topics of interest listed below

- We will then have an informal discussion, Q&A, next steps

- Sources of self-resistance and how to move past resistance
- Fear of: judgment, disapproval, rejection, failure, losing - and how to begin to shed these unfounded fears that hold us back in a major way
- "Not-enoughness" - all the ways we tell ourselves "I'm not worthy", "I'm not enough", or "I don't have enough (money, time)", and how to begin to break free from the downward spiral that not-enoughness is
- Self-image issues in the areas of (and limiting your access to) money, relationships, career, knowledge, health, and wellness
- Creating clarity of purpose, path, plan
- Ways we stand in our own way
- Restoring our all-powerful, judgment-free, innocent, intuitive, ultimately-free child within us (it's how we all showed up in this world)
- Conformity to peer pressure and old societal norms and how to regain your freedom to express yourself as an individual
- Authenticity - meaning, ways to return to it
- Courage - meaning, and ways to stretch the limits of our Comfort Zones
- Flow, Happiness, Success, Fulfilment, Appreciation, Connectedness
- Other Metaphysical topics

- Empowerment
- Solid belief in yourself and your own abilities to decide your own destiny
- Renewed desire to move confidently in the direction of your own path
- Firm understanding that you are totally FREE to make your own choices - choices that empower you or choices that disempower you
- Begin to identify possible Self-image / Ego-generated ways how you resist your own progress and growth
- Understand, decide, and commit to shrinking the irrational fears that hold you back
- Commit to being judgment-free: both from judging yourself and from judging others
- Begin to accept and appreciate yourself
- Begin to create Clarity around your life's meaning (your deep purpose, why you are here)

- This is ALWAYS going to be a safe environment where we can freely discuss topics in an authentic, vulnerable and compassionate (empathetic) way
- This is ALWAYS going to be a judgment-free environment
- You will be heard and understood, if you are willing to hear and understand
- You will be supported if you are also willing to support (yourself included)

So, are you ready to make a difference in your own life - and in the world?

If yes, join the next meetup! Glad to have you on this journey!

If not, you are free to stay where you are at. But, consider this. What is it costing you to stay the same? What is it going to cost you in the future if you don't get a handle on your life now? Remember: time is a non-renewable resource. Once a moment is gone - it's gone forever!

The choice is yours (because you always have a choice :-)


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