What we're about


Ever wondered what the meaning of life is?
Ever experienced something that you couldn't explain?
Why are we here and why do things happen the way they do?
Where do we come from and where will we go after all this?

In the journey of life the traveler is the soul and spirit..
Life is a GIFT we must cherish and unveil to see the TRUTH, LOVE, and JOY!

Join us each week to discuss, share, connect, learn, and grow together!

Be open-minded to exchange different beliefs, religions, philosophies, and spirituality!

The priority book list Includes:

1. Conversations with God

2. Many Lives Many Masters

3. The Power of Now

4. The Messengers

5. The Servant

6. The Secret

7. The Four Agreements

8. The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success

9. The Tao Te Ching

10. The Diamond Sutra

This is a community group based in but not limited to the Lower Mainlands Tricities of BC!

We will also be hosting monthly community activities relating to the following and MORE:

1. Personal Growth
2. Culture Exchange
3. Travel Experiences
4. Language Exchange
5. Health Consciousness
6. New Immigrants
7. Arts and Crafts DIY
8. Children/Youths
9. Cooking/Potlucks/Dine outs
10. Sports and Fitness

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