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This group is for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. From disabled shut ins to ultra vibrant yoga masters rocking their dreams, now is always a good opportunity to improve your quality of life. All people from all lifestyles are welcome. This group informs, trains, and utilizes holistic practices designed to make us feel empowered, vibrant, and amazing. It is also designed to be a support community to share our challenges (if you feel called to do so; no one is required to be more open than they feel is comfortable) and have an extra shoulder to lean on while contributing to camaraderie and fun times. Humor and giggles are always in attendance. Some meetings are more intensive and have a weightier topic than than others. Some meetings are thrown in purely for the fun of it. Attend any and all meetings that suit your mood and capabilities. For those of you who have been looking for a way past whatever's been holding you back, this group will help you do it! Some fun things to look forward to:
- life improvement workshops
- informative lectures about various holistic topics
- meditation practices
- potlucks
- EFT (emotional freedom technique)
- reiki offerings
- social gaming (board games, rpgs, maybe some mariokart!)
- sound healing
- monthly holistic clinics (an hour sampling of holistic practices)
- movie nights
- crafting projects (a different medium featured every month)

This is an ultra-meta group with a bunch of different tracks: holistic health, crafting, movies w/ potlucks, metaphysics, support groups, and if we get enough people, maybe start a band! It's designed for anyone stuck in a rut to get out of their normal routine and try something new, and when they feel comfortable with the group, try something from a track they never would have thought in their life to participate in. Let's take our lives to the next level!!!

If any of the above has captured you attention, then join up and make a connection your future self will thank you for :)

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