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Hi! Friends,

As many say ' Life is short live to the fullest'. So, what is stopping us from doing so. You will come to know when you join this journey, where you know yourself in a deeper level. In turn allowing you to understanding, why we receive unwanted experiences in life.

The healing work is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay - Author of one of many books ' You Can Heal Your Life '. The 2 day workshop is developed by her which gives the participants an intensive format to learn to develop awareness of negative beliefs, to release old emotions, to love themselves more fully and practice the techniques to change your future experiences.

The Love yourself, Heal Your Life is a very powerful workshop, it will open your heart to more love, expand your mind to the amazing possibilities for your life, nourish your soul and provide you with the techniques of healing. Please join us in this wonderful journey, as we work together to heal the planet, one person at a time.

Learning that happens on this journey is amazing and life transforming, speaking out of experience. The workshops that are offered are chargeable for those hours that you spend and the learning, understanding, realization, beautiful connection with people you meet and when you apply all you received in your life stays with you forever for free.

Thank you & Regards,

Smita Manjrekar

Internationally Licensed & Certified Heal Your Life Workshop Leader,

Certified Image Consultant & Reiki Master


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Transform Inside Out & Set Yourself Free

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Transform Inside Out & Set Yourself Free

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