Secrets of Public Speaking & Presentation (FREE) Airport Rd

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FREE Event (No Charges to attend), ***Complimentary Breakfast***

Are you looking to Transform yourself into:

• A Powerful Public Speaker?

• An Inspirational Leader?

• Becoming more Confident?

Empower yourself with the secrets of becoming a Confident and Compelling Public Speaker.

We provide a fun and friendly learn-by-doing environment which enables you to develop your skills in a comfortable, supportive environment.

We are a peer-to-peer group where members mutually develop their Public Speaking Skills through Prepared project Speeches, Constructive Evaluations and ongoing Mentoring, all within the globally recognized educational framework of Toastmasters International.

Whether the very thought of speaking in public fills you with fear, or if you love standing up to speak in front of a crowd, you will learn something new by attending our meetings.

Join us for our next meeting to experience our fun and encouraging, but professional way of learning public speaking and take a glance at how we prepare and practice public speaking technique, how we learn to control our body and voice and how we learn to deliver a powerful, confident speech.

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It is simply knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. You learn to enhance your image, convince, and be impressive thus present with high personal impact.


TM Meetings are designed for you to be equipped with practical tools and techniques that will allow you to:

• Establish rapport with your audience

• Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear

• Realise your strengths as a presenter

• How to appeal, influence and persuade different types of people

• Recognise how visual aids can create impact and attention

• Develop techniques to create a professional presence Prepare, practice, and deliver presentation

• Presenting with a BANG

Topics Covered

• Personality assessment of presentation style (Speaker's Evaluation)

• Assessment of presentation delivery (Speaker's Evaluation)

• Structure your Speech: beginning, body, and ending.

• Sending Positive Messages (verbal communication, body language)

• Developing great slides

• Overcoming Nervousness