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Covid-19 Notice:

Unfortunately, in-person meetings are suspended until further notice. We will be experimenting with online meetings for our Regular and Drop-In members. If interested, please sign up for our regular mailing as a Drop-In as described below.


Tired of Movie Mindlessness?

After a half hour of commercials and two hours of explosions at the local multiplex, perhaps you've had the feeling that there must be a better way to spend a Saturday night. We think so too. Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies is an Atlanta film viewing and discussion group which was founded in 2007 to provide a more worthwhile moviegoing experience.

But First Please Note!

Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies is not a normal Meetup group. Before applying for membership please read the following, click the links, and review our ground rules, the Attendee Responsibilities (https://www.meetup.com/Life-is-Too-Short-to-Watch-Lousy-Movies-Meetup/pages/28055187/Frequently-Asked_Questions_%28FAQs%29/).

Life is Too Short... has been screening and discussing quality films since 2007, independent of Meetup. In any given year we have between fifteen and twenty members who have pledged regular attendance ("Regulars") and who get first crack at seats for our movies. We also have 200 or so on our mailing list who may request seats on an ad hoc basis ("Drop-Ins").

We created this Meetup presence in 2019 to further publicize the group. Those who sign up for this Meetup group ("Meetup Members") and who are not also on our regular mailing list are eligible for the seats that remain after accommodating our Regulars and Drop-Ins.

So a couple of points:

• First, the membership and attendance numbers listed on Meetup.com reflect only Meetup Members, not our Regulars or Drop-Ins. (And for a given event the number of seats that Meetup shows as available are those still open to Meetup members.) Our home theater seats 16, and including Regulars, Drop-Ins, and Meetup members it's full or nearly so most months.

• Second, Meetup Members wishing greater access to seats may sign up for our regular mailing list (as Drop-Ins) by completing the form on the Contact Us page of our website (https://classicfilmappreciation.webs.com/). (Before signing up please be sure you're comfortable with our ground rules – called Attendee Responsibilities – listed on the FAQs page. Also, while the site works with a cell phone, it's better accessed from a computer.)

However, it's perfectly fine just to join this Meetup group if you'd like to sample what we do.

Clear? OK, here we go...

Second Saturday Film Club


The Life is Too Short... Film Club meets in a private home theater in southeast Atlanta on the second Saturday of every month. Programs (https://www.meetup.com/Life-is-Too-Short-to-Watch-Lousy-Movies-Meetup/pages/28055166/Programs/) include a cartoon and/or short subject, Coming Attractions, the feature film, and clips and commentary on personnel and genres, with thoughtful discussion interspersed. The majority of the movies are recognized classics, largely from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Other films are somewhat more eclectic, from various countries and eras, though all should be of interest to film buffs. None of the movies will have been shown previously in the group, and Regulars are polled to insure we don't show ones that everyone has already seen ― so we're more likely to screen films like Out of the Past or The Awful Truth or Ride the High Country than Gone With the Wind or Casablanca.

We're always looking for new participants. The Club is open to all who agree to comply with the Attendee Responsibilities (https://www.meetup.com/Life-is-Too-Short-to-Watch-Lousy-Movies-Meetup/pages/28055187/Frequently-Asked_Questions_%28FAQs%29), essentially to show up when they say they will and to focus on the film's merits as a work of popular art, not on its flaws or any social issues it might raise – i.e., appreciation, not criticism or debate. The group is a labor of love, so there is no charge for either the movie or the program, although we do encourage donations to pay for the prizes in the monthly movie trivia contests. See the FAQs (https://www.meetup.com/Life-is-Too-Short-to-Watch-Lousy-Movies-Meetup/pages/28055187/Frequently-Asked_Questions_%28FAQs%29) for details.

There are three levels of participation (https://www.meetup.com/Life-is-Too-Short-to-Watch-Lousy-Movies-Meetup/pages/28055174/Participation/):

• Regulars – those who have previously attended as Drop-Ins and who commit to a year's worth of regular attendance – are guaranteed a seat to a majority of our programs;

• Drop-Ins – those who are notified of the film two weeks in advance via our email list – request seats via email and attend on a space-available basis; and

• Meetup Members – those who are notified of the film one week in advance via Meetup – request seats via Meetup and attend on a space-available basis.

Participants come from around the metro area and are diverse in age and outlook. Read the testimonials to get an idea of how our members feel about the group. Check out the Photos to see what a meeting looks like.

To Participate

If you have read through the Meetup pages and would like to participate, then either:

• Request membership in this Meetup group to receive notification of available seats a week in advance of the movie via Meetup; or

• Complete the form on the Contact Us page of our website (https://classicfilmappreciation.webs.com/) to register as a Drop-In and be notified of available seats two weeks in advance by email.

If you're unclear on something, first be sure to read the rest of this Meetup site since it includes most everything you need to know. If you have a question that's not answered here then feel free to write to our Moderator, Steve W., at ClassicFilmAppreciation [at] gmail.com.

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You Can't Take It With You (1938)

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Tampopo (1985)

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