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Let's have a conversation - About Resolutions
Let's talk about Resolutions Do you set goals for yourself (resolutions)? What are your strategies to succeed? What is your attitude when things are not turning up as expected? Or do you think making resolutions is an exercise in futility and you prefer to go with the flow? In this 2-hour discussion, we will explore this topic, sharing points of views. Looking forward a rewarding conversation with you all. Bring guests and friends. Great thanks to WeWork, who generosily lend us the room for our informal gathering

WeWork 135 E 57th St

135 E 57th Street · New York

What we're about

When we start asking ourselves questions, the depth and breadth of our knowledge are irrelevant. When tackling something new, we all feel like beginners.

Do not be fooled, this group is intended for people who are already on the quest for a better life and interested in taking their personal development to the next level.

I believe that understanding what is going on leads to a better life and having unanswered questions leads to confusion.

I have a knack for making complex idea easy to understand and after several years researching philosophy, neurology, and psychology, I came up, among other things, with a simple way to explain how the brain functions and how the mind works.

I created this group to share my vision and philosophy, hoping it will support others in their own search for happiness.

Meetups are in a very informal seminar/discussion format. A concept is explained by the host and then discussed with the group.

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