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Potluck and Quranic Reflection (Sura 90 Ayas 8–16)

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Salam All,

I would like to invite you to my house for potluck and Quranic reflection. Dr Sultan Abdulhameed will discuss Surah 90 Ayas 8-16. We will also go around to get your input/reflection on the follwoing verses:

Sura 90 Ayas 8–16

Have We not given him two eyes, a tongue, and two lips?

And shown him the two paths?

But he does not attempt to take the uphill path.

And what will explain to you what the uphill path is?

It is to free the oppressed,

Or to feed in times of hunger an orphan related to you or the helpless down in the dust.

Only then will you be among those who have faith, those who support each other on the path of patience and compassion.

Every day we have the choice of taking the easy way out of a situation or doing what our conscience points to, which is usually a more difficult path. Those who understand the paradigm of the uphill path always choose to do more than expected. These are the people who continuously grow in their capabilities, and who develop the faith that they can make a difference the world.

The paradigm of the uphill road applies to everything we do. In this sura we are asked to look at our relationship with the world through this lens, this sura asks us to stretch ourselves to do our utmost in helping those in need,

The concept of the uphill path will be discussed in our meeting. What are the barriers to it, and how we can train ourselves to always take it, are the practical questions to be discussed.

Dr Sultan Abdulhameed teaches the Quran at the Muslim Reform Movement Organization in New york in their weekly meetings. His method of teaching focuses on one aya at a time in the interactive method of learning from each person's insight about the aya being discussed. Dr Sultan Abdulhammed has also written a book called "The Quran and The Life of Excellence" and he will be presenting excerpt from his book.


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