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Microservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure!

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Everyone is talking (and some are even implementing) microservices these days! So the question is should you also jump on that bandwagon and why those somewhat older colleagues of yours (yep, those that still remember the EJB 2 revolution) are not that enthusiastic? To help you make the right decisions, this talk will focus on the problem microservices claim to solve - modularity! What are the costs and limitations of what most people think microservices are? Are there other ways to modularize your application? Why not start right away with OSGi? What learning curve to expect? It will also show some modularity success stories and best practices from large enterprise products.

About the presenter:

Milen Dyankov is senior consultant at Liferay helping some of the biggest European companies succeed in today's rapidly changing virtual reality by engaging their customers, partners, and employees. Before joining Liferay in 2012 he spent over 10 years designing and developing Java EE solutions for leading Polish companies (mostly in the finance and telecommunications industry). His main areas of competence include corporate portals, modular systems, e-commerce, enterprise application integration, web applications for mobile devices and many more!