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Are you looking for a community to support your spiritual growth, personal healing and holistic self-care? Light House Spiritual Center offers 1:1 services, a rotating menu of monthly classes and workshops, a free monthly Energy Healing Clinic and Sunday Fellowship each week.

Located in a beautifully refurbished 118 year old house in historic downtown Mooresville, North Carolina, we are a center for psycho-spiritual work, spiritual self-care, experiential healing, and sacred practices that nourish the whole self in mind, body, and spirit.

Light House offers signature programs, classes, one-on-one services, retreats, and spiritual fellowship on Sundays. Light House is home to other providers specializing in complementary services, including life-coaching, intuitive massage and cupping, integrative nutrition, and birthing doula work!

We welcome guest speakers, workshop facilitators, and class instructors to bring unique and impactful offerings to the Light House community. It is our intention to act as beacon of Light in the Lake Norman area and beyond for those who are on a spiritual journey.

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Interfaith Spiritual Fellowship

Light House Spiritual Center

We are a business organization that offers a diverse menu of services and practices for spiritual and personal development, and care of the mind, body, and soul. On Sundays we also host an Interfaith Sunday Service from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. Lead by Light House's Ordained Interfaith Minister, Kendall Heath, it is a spiritual gathering for fellowship and exploration of the esoteric components of many spiritual and religious traditions. (Esoteric meaning: internal/core/heart-center.) Our gatherings include teachings, dialogue, and experiential learning exercises, along with music, coffee/tea, and an area where children can relax and play. Our community is kind and welcoming, and honors the unique spiritual lineage that we each have when we arrive in a spiritual community. We practice thoughtful dialogue, inquiry, and a focus on the mystical nature of Divine connection through both the individual and community. We include the ancient wisdom of mainline religions and other traditions, acknowledging that we sometimes come to spiritual community needing healing and/or reconciliation with our religions of origin in order to fully be in this present moment. It is through great tolerance, gentleness, and care that we hold the space for that unfolding together. The format is structured, but open. We use sacred and secular texts to support our inquiry together. We also share prayer, meditation, music, food (sometimes), the arts, films, stories and other ways we are inspired, in the context of learning and being in intentional Holy devotion and Divine presence together as a spiritual family. The first 15 minutes of our Sunday gatherings are for meeting & greeting, and then we begin! Anyone who wishes to be a part of something like this, where you can safely and openly explore your relationship with and ideas of God/Source/The Creator (whatever you want to call it), can join us on Sundays at 11:00. There is always a warm seat for newcomers so come try something new and see if our heart-centered, open, friendly, "workshop-style" fellowship circle makes YOUR heart sing!

Reiki I Training

Light House Spiritual Center


Reiki I Training Usui Reiki Tradition The actual pronunciation is "RAY-key". Reiki is a gentle therapy that works with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The origin of Reiki is thought to be over 2000 years old, perhaps hailing from Tibet and India. This lost healing assistance modality was rediscovered and intuited by Dr. Usui in Japan when he had a heartfelt desire to help people improve their dire circumstances. Reiki came across the Pacific to Hawaii through Dr. Usui’s teaching Reiki to Ms. Takata to help her heal from a life-threatening illness, then on into the US and across the world. The energy of Reiki is Divine/Universal Unconditional Love. Reiki is a “clothes on therapy” and is helpful for relaxation and stress release. In this relaxed state, also known as “parasympathetic state”, the body is able to re-adjust itself, thus allowing greater flow of bodily fluids and organ function. Reiki does not interfere with conventional therapies and treatments, and can be a wonderful adjunct. The effects of Reiki can be subtle all the way to profound. As layers of stress, which starts in our minds, are released the body has room and permission to readjust. Reiki provides a gentle support for overall wellbeing. What To Expect In This Class: - a history of Reiki - the five principles of Reiki - getting the self prepared to perform Reiki - learning appropriate hand positions to use in Reiki Sessions on self & others - Reiki I Attunement by facilitator for each participant - practice Reiki positions on self - discussion of practice - practice Reiki position on others in class and in future Reiki Clinics for completion of practicum About Your Facilitator: Dori King obtained her Reiki Master/Teacher certification in 1994. She has an MS in Psychology: Health and Wellness and a BS in Family Relations. She has devoted her life focus to help people feel more at ease with themselves so they may experience ever greater joy in life. Date(s): Sunday, November 17, 2019; & practicum in future Reiki Clinics at Lighthouse Spiritual Center Time: 2pm-8pm Bring: A bag supper, notebook & pen; light snacks. Hot tea & water provided. *Prerequisites or Materials Required For This Class: No prerequisites for Reiki I. Manual will be provided with class. Register at: https://www.lighthousespiritualcenter.com/events/ or call[masked]

Monthly Enneagram Study Group

Light House Spiritual Center

Rooted in ancient wisdom, the Enneagram is psycho-spiritual approach to understanding personality. There are 9 different personality types that reflect distinct patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Each one of us has a particular gift to offer the world, as well as possible roadblocks based on our type. Waking up to our patterns empowers us to heal our core wounds and overcome obstacles to our growth. Join Dana Overcash & Gerard Thomas, at Light House Spiritual Center in downtown Mooresville, as they present how this powerful tool can be used to increase emotional intelligence, and to promote compassion for ourselves and others. Ultimately, study and integration of the Enneagram points us down nine different pathways to enlightenment, helping us to live in alignment with our healthiest, most authentic selves. About the Facilitators: Dana Overcash is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Mooresville who has studied the Enneagram for the past five years. This tool has transformed her both personally and professionally, and she is passionate about educating others. Gerard Thomas is a father, educator and passionate environmentalist who has been involved in the Enneagram conversation for over five years. Gerard has been transformed by his involvement with the Enneagram and would love to share this powerful tool for spiritual growth with others. When: 3rd Tuesday of the month Time: 7:00-8:30 pm Cost: $10 Register here: https://www.lighthousespiritualcenter.com/events/ Walk-ins welcome *Children 10 and older are welcome to attend with parents, at no charge. *Bring a journal. All other materials are provided.

The Second Journey

Light House Spiritual Center


The Second Journey from Fundamentalist Christian Religion to Spiritual Freedom Your facilitator for this monthly gathering, Terri Carver, was raised in an old timey, southern Baptist faith and was a traditional religious woman and denominational church member for many years until she began to question her role as a woman in her church and in religious society. (Does this already sound like you?) The underlying message she received time and again was that she was never going to be enough unless she submitted to “Him.” Sitting on the greeter’s pew in the back of the church, she thought she would run out of there screaming if she heard that one more time! (Do you relate?) She came to understand that she was supporting the very structure that was wounding women (and other people considered less than). In the process she lost two of her most valuable assets: her identity as a woman and her sense of self-worth. It was time to take a detour! If this was you too, welcome to recovery! You are not alone. Please join Terri as she shares a common story of what she calls “shattering” – shattering the anger, hurt, illusions, and rejection - and healing through the process of waking up spiritually and realizing you are enough and God is much BIGGER than you've been taught! In these dialoguing workshops participants are invited to join in to learn and share about moving on from religious fundamentalism to a new personal spiritual path! What to expect in discussions in this class: - What is a wake - up call? - Identifying the traditional structures that wound people - Identifying with your childhood “church.” What messages did you receive? - Negotiating leaving or staying. What do you take or keep? What now? - The freeing truth is also bittersweet when it comes to what you lose and gain. - Misinterpretations and mistranslations - God or Goddess? - Breathing a woman’s spirit into the sacred. (Put aside what you thought you knew about the Bible! There is more to learn in the Bible and outside of it!) - What is your journey? (You are already doing it!) - Truths for your spiritual journey. When: Wednesdays: October 16, November 20, December[masked] Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM Cost: $20.00 About your Facilitator: Now a Davidson, NC resident, years ago while living in Texas Terri completed a 7 year training in The International Bible Study program. During this time she came to question contradictions in her church that did not resonate and started expanding her study to other resources for understanding a different Jesus and Christianity (and spirituality) than the one she had been taught. At the same time, after working in the dental field for over 25 years, Terri continued her education with a degree in Counseling and as a Certified Temperament Therapist. While continuing her education, Terri taught various courses at a small college and volunteered at a homeless shelter, as a clinic coordinator and counselor, once a week for 15 years. She is just like many women, having come to a crossroads of self-inquiry and identity in middle age, who have had to make some different choices in order to write some new chapters for their lives (and their spiritual lives)! With that in mind, she earned her Certification in Life Coaching from Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute and began her business, TLC Life Coaching shortly thereafter. Currently “semi-retired,” Terri facilitates workshops and speaks to women's groups on occasion. She believes in a spirituality that has matured beyond shaming, guilting, and making some people less than and into the experience of a genuinely loving God. Join her to expand your understanding of the Jesus you may have never met and a Christianity and spirituality that includes rather than excludes! Register at: https://www.lighthousespiritualcenter.com/events/ or call[masked]

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