Wild Women Archetypal Reclaiming Circle

Every 2nd Sunday of the month

Needs a location


Lead by Interfaith Minister and Light House Founder/Director, Kendall Heath

In spiritual community, as we women mature spiritually and “re-member” parts of our often fragmented selves back to the whole (wholeness), we seek for circles where we can hold each other through our unanswered questions, earned and innate wisdom, and shared truths. We seek for heart-centered community where the Divine is mirrored back to us in our likeness and where our understanding of God more accurately includes ALL aspects of ALL of humanity and Love, including Womanness. We seek to return to Love of ourselves and all of creation, to embody the Source that lives in us and as us.

An archetype is a recurrent, typical representation of an original. It’s an imitation, an example, a model after which other things are patterned. And the archetypes that we adopt from the religions and spiritualities that we were, or are still taught (or weren’t ever taught) evoke unconscious responses, agreements, and sometimes non-life-affirming choices and perspectives in us that inform even our most basic human experiences. So until archetypes from the mash-up of our traditions, religions, families, and communities are questioned, examined, and restored to a more whole and inclusive truth, we cannot fully reclaim the breadth, depth, and power of our roles as spiritual compasses in the world. This world needs us to “re-member” who we are, to heal our broken past, and to show up in our full Divine natures as clear instruments of Spirit.

There are many teachers who have come before us, many who have kept the ember of a more whole story of Divine consciousness burning. They include powerful storytellers and scholars like Dr. Clarrissa Pinkola Estes, Elaine Pagels, Gloria Karpinski, Barbara Bradford Taylor, Marabi Starr, Megan Watterson, Marion Woodman, Marianne Williamson, Sue Monk Kidd, Rachel Held Evans, many Feminist Theologians, all the Sophias and Marys, the Mothers of India, African mothers and gandmothers, the Pagan goddesses and “witches”, Christian mystics, Sufi mystics, Madonnas, Shamans, Healers, Midwives, Tribal Women Elders, Yoginis, Tantricas, Nuns and Ministers/Pastors, the world over.

Yes, The Divine Feminine is rising from her slumber around the globe, and has been for quite some time. It’s the primary AWAKEning happening in the world today. For this wisdom to be transmuted to positively impact our spirituality, our deeper sense of self, our daily lives and the lives of those we love, and the world at large; it calls on us to study it, discuss it, integrate it, add to it, and align it with the grander universal spirituality of our time!

The monthly gathering is for women and men who:

Have come to feel there is more to religious/spiritual teachings than they were previously taught
Align with Divine Feminine principles or who are open-curious about what that means
Are interested in the historical religious & spiritual perspectives and narratives of women across cultures
Are feminists and want to have a deeper knowledge of feminist theology
Are hungry for a more unified spirituality that bridges the illusions and polarities between sex and gender roles
Are interested in growing beyond a limited idea of a male or female God and into a broader understanding of Divine consciousness itself
Are seeking healing, reconciliation, or closure with traditions and religions that marginalize women or relegate them to a lower class or authority
Are raising children who deserve to have a more vast concept of God as equally embodied in all people, regardless of sex and gender
Have interest in leading faith communities that bravely reclaim women’s history in our collective Interfaith God story and present day relationship with a Higher Power.

Register at: https://www.lighthousespiritualcenter.com/events/