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Our purpose is to provide metaphysical education for the local community throughout the year.. Our guiding principles are to unite with like minded people who seek greater understanding in a supportive environment, to encourage networking and support others who provide metaphysical educational opportunities. We may offer an "Official" get together where we will meet as a group. I also post a variety of classes and presentations that are offered by a single person, a metaphysical/spiritual business or wellness organization.

Our meetup has been in existence for quite a while now and its time to switch it up a little bit. I will offer a variety of events that we could go as a group or on your own. I post events and will indicate that we can meet as an "Official Meetup." Our intent is to offer a variety of speakers and events that are interesting and stimulating. As a group there may be instances where we may not agree about the information. This is the opportunity for you to learn and analyze what is important in your search.

Just a note, as the organizer you will see my picture signed up for the event. It doesn't always mean that I will be at the event. If you have signed up for an event I would recommend you call ahead just in case to be sure the event is happening. I may not receive a notice indicating the event has been cancelled.

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The June 2022 Issue of ROC Metaphysical is Online

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The June 2022 issue of ROC Metaphysical is online. The monthly online magazine has writers from around the world who share their knowledge in their articles about spirituality, metaphysics and alternative health. The writers offer their articles voluntarily as part of the magazine’s purpose “To Enlighten and Inform”.

Here's a sampling of our WNY/CNY contributing writers:
"Sex: The Healing Relationship" By Melissa Watkins
"Heavy Metal, Rap and New Age Music" By Jill Mattson
"Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life" By Rev. Colleen Irwin
"Eden Energy Medicine Tip For Stress and Overwhelm!" By Michelle Brzezniak
"Tarot Tendencies for June" By Doreen Scanlan
“What If Everything Is Falling Into Place Perfectly, Even If It Looks Like It’s Falling Apart?” By Jennifer Sutton

And we have writers from around the US and other countries. Some of these people you may know their names:
"Common Questions From Non-Lightworkers" By Lee Carroll/Kryon
"Coping With Angry People" By Dr. Judith Orloff
"Gratitude and Returning to Christ Consciousness" By Patricia Cota-Robles

Plus there's event info, business advertising for products and services that fall under the metaphysical umbrella.

Go to https://www.rocmetaphysical.com to read articles, watch videos and enhance your consciousness.

Gem and Mineral Show at NYS Fairgrounds

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Come to the NYS State Fair grounds to the show. The show will have minerals, geodes, fossils. Over 60 retail and wholesale dealers. Trendy beads by the millions. Jewelry, cut stones and supplies. Education exhibits and demonstrations. Plus fun kid activities. Wheel chair accessible. Ticket is $7 for adults each day. Scouts in uniform and children under 12 are free with an adult.

Find the show at the Center of Progress Building New York State Fairgrounds

575 State Fair Blvd
Syracuse , NY
Website: https://www.syracusegemsociety.com/

Zen Center Online Workshop

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Throughout the year the Rochester Zen Center offers both in-person and online introductory meditation workshops taught either by Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede (pronounced “coal-heed”) or by Sensei John Pulleyn (pronounced “puh-leen“) along with their senior students.
Because getting started in Zen practice isn’t as simple as attending a new church on Sunday, the workshops are aimed at providing a useful introduction to Zen Buddhism – demystifying the religion, and giving basic instruction on how to practice zazen (Zen meditation). It’s a unique opportunity to learn first-hand from seasoned practitioners at one of the country’s largest and oldest Zen centers.

The Center offers workshops on the occasional Saturday, sometimes full-day and in-person and sometimes half-day and online via Zoom. In-person and Zoom workshop participants are invited to attend the next morning’s (Sunday) sitting, which includes a chanting service as well as a teisho (Dharma talk) given by one of our teachers.

For these online workshops, we suggest a donation of $10 – $30. However, if any amount would be a hardship, you can omit the donation and still attend.

Must Register here: https://www.rzc.org/get-started-zen/online-workshop-registration/

Dancing Crowns Open House

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Celebrate Leticia's new business location in East Rochester.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn about crystals, self-healing and how to apply Sacred Geometry when dancing or doing fitness.

Come join us for a demo on Yoga movements that you can use crystals with, creating some Sacred Geometry with dance steps in your daily life, and how crystals can be an incredible tool to save your energy, heal, manifest intentions and protect you from harm by using their metaphysical properties.

Sunday, July 10th at 5:00 PM

Entrance is in the back of the building behind the pizza place. Their location is next to ROC kids.

To learn more go to: https://www.facebook.com/dancingcrowns

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OM Chanting at the Bhakti Barn

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