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Light in the Dark Community provides a 'safe and Sacred space' for those who live by their own rules; we observe the many individual diverse Spiritual, metaphysical, or religious practices of the attendees at our Burning Bowls (eg: communion, written prayers, meditation on individual purposes, and use of candles etc). We practice gratitude in the celebration of all of us being human, and divine as children of Ancient Gods who dwelt on earth millennia ago and strive for a deeper connection with them. We do not honor black magic at any of our celebrations - do no harm is Swami's motto at all events. We eat dinner, visit, introduce ourselves, talk about the ritual and manifestation topics, write our prayer intentions down, then we burn them outside under the moon inside of a paper bag filled with dried fruits and flowers, incense, pine cones, or whatever else is at hand as an offering/ connection to our personal deities/ divine parents. At the end we talk, listen to music, drum, and dance if we feel led, and the events can go on through the night for those who wish the celebration to continue...
(For more information: https://reikilifestyle.com/the-burning-bowl-ceremony/ )

Ley Lines:
Our location is very near, or right on top of a Ley Line in the earth that connects us to all of the magickal sacred sites around the world, so it is the perfect place to manifest and do magick!! Our space is a portal, and we have had much paranormal activity here, which makes for interesting meetings, and for effective manifestation to take place!

We discuss Magickal methods from diverse cultures at each burning bowl, and also the history behind the holidays that we celebrate. (All Christian holidays came from the Celtic and other Indigenous Cultures, and we try to keep to the purest form of the holiday that we can honor from our ancestral pasts). We have different attendees educate about their own methods of manifestation practices that have worked for them, so that we in the group become wiser, and more diverse as a result increasing our collective cultural understanding, and tolerance for others.

This community is also for those who do not wish to be linked to groups, covens, cults, or organizations with specific agendas and religious beliefs, or memberships. 'To Each Her, or His Own, is our Motto'. If you like to gather with other like-minded folks to celebrate Celtic, and Spiritual holidays, pray/create intentions, gather, take part in Shamanic Rituals, and manifest as a group, then you will be happy attending our events! We look forward to meeting you to eat, drink, drum, dance and visit with one another for various Pagan holidays throughout the year. See you soon!

We meet on, or near, Celtic Holidays to hang out with other like-minded individuals from similar walks of life! We normally gather for Potlucks to hang out socially for casual Shamanic burning bag rituals for renewal and manifestation, as well as showing gratitude for all of the gifts Spirit brings into our lives daily; after all, there is Strength in numbers when it comes to manifestation! The holidays coincide with new, and full moon cycles to add power to our intentions! Kick back, put your feet up, eat, drink and be merry with like-minded others while creating the life that you deserve! We also drum and dance to music on into the night after the meal and discussion if we feel up to it. 
LGBTQIA, BLM, Magickal Folk, Incarnated Earth Angels, Walk-Ins, Pagans, Christian-Pagans, Druid, Celtic, Norse, Viking, Tuatha De Danann, Spiritually-Gifted, Christian-Metaphysical-Spiritual, Indigo, Crystal, Walk-ins & Star-Children, Other-Worldly paths/beliefs, Right-Hand-Path, as well as those who are on a non-committal-Spiritual-Path with no particular direction are welcome at all events and gatherings. There is no formal membership here. Only Rule: No one pushes their own beliefs/agendas at gatherings - but sharing of ourselves with one another in a diverse and welcoming atmosphere is our norm.
Spiritual Ceremonies and Holidays Observed from the Pagan/Christian Calendar - Reference Group New Orleans Galactic and Higher Consciousness Study Pot-luck events.

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