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Night Photography Downtown!

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This will be a night time exploration in downtown Los Angeles in search of enchanting visions of the city, when the city is at it’s best…night.

We will begin with a brief Q&A on photographing at night. What settings to use on your camera etc.

We will meet at 7:30pm. We will take a leisurely stroll on a tour of downtown with cameras and tripods in tow.

We will be making photographs of buildings, streets, lights, traffic, people or whatever comes our way. Plan on staying out until at least 11pm or later. Wear comfortable walking shoes. We won’t be walking a great distance, but will likely cover 3 miles.

Bring extra batteries and a tripod is a must!
A cable release or remote for your camera is very helpful for night photography.
I recommend a wide angle lens.

Parking will be $5. The lot is well lit and this is where we will meet. *There are 2 parking lots at that intersection. We will be at the larger of the two or the second one in from 3rd.

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