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12. LightOn AI Meetup: Fast Graph Kernel with Optical Random Features

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12. LightOn AI Meetup: Fast Graph Kernel with Optical Random Features


LightOn is a DeepTech company creating hardware for new AI applications requiring a massive amount of data (molecular dynamics, fraud detection, conversational AI ...). We gather experts, engineers, researchers, who are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are back for our 12th edition!

Our meetups will happen online in order to keep our attendees safe until further notice.

This event takes place at 16:00, Paris time (GMT +02:00)

A Zoom link will be provided prior to the meetup.


16:00 – Introduction by LightOn


16:10 – "Fast Graph Kernel with Optical Random Features"
by Hashem Ghanem, PhD student at GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble and IMB, Dijon.

Abstract: The graphlet kernel is a classical method in graph classification. It however suffers from a high computation cost due to the isomorphism test it includes. In our work, we propose to leverage kernel random features within the graphlet framework, and establish a theoretical link with a mean kernel metric. If this method can still be
prohibitively costly for usual random features, we then incorporate
optical random features that can be computed in constant time.
Experiments show that the resulting algorithm is orders of magnitude
faster than the graphlet kernel for the same, or better, accuracy.

16:30 - Q&A

During the event, you can share content using #LightOn & @LightOnIO

After the meet-up:

  • the slides will be available on our Medium page:
  • the video of the presentation will be available on our Youtube Channel:
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