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Application Bazaar 2019


Needs a location


And now something completely different …

In March we would like to experiment a bit and organize the first ever Application Bazaar which is supposed to be an event analogous to a minor science fair: ideally taking place in a large room with multiple areas, each staffed by team representatives, where a single (or several) applications developed by a team are shown and discussed with other members of our community. With this approach all our community members would be given a chance to present what they are currently working on or have been working in the past. Everyone could, depending upon their own areas of interest and competence give valuable feedback to the teams presenting and at the same time find out more about awesome applications that are being developed in our great city.

If you would be interested in presenting your team and the application(s) you’re and/or have been working on, please let us know. We don’t have a proper location for this kind of an event yet, but we’ll do our best to find one, depending on the number of teams interested. For each of the teams there would have to be an area where they could provide information about application’s architecture, some interesting challenges that they have been facing or expect to face in future and even offer a demo of the application if possible as well.

The list of applications at the Bazaar (will grow as we move along):

Application 1:
PendelPanda: Porting a native Android app to Flutter!
(Re)presented by Mohammed El Batya

Flutter promises beautiful native apps in record time. Let's see if it
can hold up!
I'm going to port my Android app 'PendelPanda' to Flutter and the
Application Bazaar is my deadline :)

What can you expect at the PendelPanda booth?

- I will present the result of my efforts, hopefully a full featured
Flutter version of PendelPanda
- I will share all technical details you might want to hear about
- I will discuss issues I had and their solutions (if I come up with some)
- Are you considering to put your money on flutter? I might be able to
give you some interesting insights.
- Language: German and English

Link to current version of PendelPanda:

Intro to Flutter: