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Welcome to Lightworkers Oneness Vision Equality.
Hi I am Darren I was guided by Spirit to start up this group for myself and lovely friends and lightworkers.

To promote my lovely lightworkers friends and family and the groups and workshops they facilitate from Meditation, Yoga, Sound Baths, Chanting Circles, Shamanics, Holistic. Healers, and the Hugging Hub to name a few.

Helping raise the consciousness, Love, Peace, Happiness, Joy for all on earth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, let your beautiful light shine every day.

The Vortex is Spinning time for lightworkers to step in and enjoy the ride.

Love to all eternally Darren x x

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The Art of Emotions Interactive Art Therapy Sessions

Crawford Avenue


As an alternative to our regular Art of Emotions workshops you are invited to access the full Art of Emotions online interactive art therapy programme. Prices have been massively reduced to make the programme more affordable. You can view details and access the programme at https://art-emotions.co.uk At a later date those of you who have accessed the programme via Meetup will be invited to a group event at Liverpool central library where you will be able to meet each other and share your experiences of the programme. There is no start date for registering onto the programme and there are no time limits for completing the modules. Participants will be invited to an optional zoom meeting on 13th June which will be an open forum to chat about modules 1 and 2.

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The Art of Emotions Workshop

Central Library

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