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We are starting to witness the earth go through her Great Awakening.

Let’s come together to break away from the old paradigms of thinking and launch ourselves into this amazing new world we are co-creating together!

For those seeking truth, love, compassion, and knowledge on how we can help each other and others alike, this group is for you.

There are so many changes happening as we move to a much higher energy plane. We will explore what this means and how to embrace these changes as we move through these changes in these most exciting times.

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Where in the world is the new Atlantis?

Sacred Spirit LLC


Atlantis is mostly known as a historical place that was inhabited during a specified time period, approximately 50,000 years ago.

What if Atlantis is a period in time that signifies an advanced civilization across the globe in which peace reigned from one continent to the other. Could such a thing happen? Are we on the verge of that happening again?

It seems hard to believe in this, but what if we could imagine this? What if we could create this reality using the concepts we learn in 5D manifesting?

Come join me as we co-create our new planet, our new reality!

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Pyramids and How to Access Their Energy!

Private Residence


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