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Workshop: Chakra Yoga & Sound Immersion with Didgeridoo & Quartz Crystal Bowls

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Price: £22.00 /per person
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Frequency Fix Events presents:
Chakra Yoga & Sound Immersion with Didgerido & pure Quartz Crystal Bowls

a Sonic Journey of Healing.... with
world-renown Didgeridoo Sound Therapist: Australian born Gregg Chapman
& Frequency Fix™ Pure Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy

TAKE one, TWO or ALL!!! (note: 4:15-5:30 is a non-movement class - i.e. you're just lying on a yoga mat, receiving the sound & healing!)

1:oo-2:15pm----Frequency Fix™ YIN Yoga with Didgeridoo/Crystal Bowls/healing emphasis on releasing old patterns/belief systems... (targeting Fascia (Connective Tissue), ligaments & joints. *individual Didgeridoo Healing whilst postures are held, for specific Chakras. (all levels) -- full Didgerido & crystal Bowl sound healing during extended Savasana (final relaxation).

2:3o-3:45pm----Frequency Fix™ Yang Yoga with Didgeridoo/Crystal Bowls/Healing Yang/Flow class with emphasis on standing (& held) postures to promote core strength. *individual Didgeridoo Healing whilst postures are held, for specific energy centres. (all levels) full Didgerido & crystal Bowl sound healing during extended Savasana (final relaxation).

4:15-5:3opm---- Frequency Fix™ Sound Immersion & Healing (non-movement class/bring a blanket/eye pillow if you like) guided breath/meditation with complete sound healing (Didgerido & pure Quartz crystal bowls/positive affirmations)

£22 1:oo - 5:3o (entire workshop)
£8 for 1:oo-2:15 (YIN class - limited to 20 spaces)
£8 for 2:3o-3:45 (Yang class - limited to 20 spaces)
£11 for 4:15-5:3o (non-movement sound immersion/healing limited to 26 spaces)

BOOK below for all 3 Sessions or contact to book separately)

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy by Gregg Chapman~
Australian born, Gregg Chapman – "The Didgeridoo Man", uses the sounds, vibrations and spirituality of the ancient Australian didgeridoo to bring deep relaxation and healing to the mind, body and soul. He inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to make the connection with how we create our world through our thoughts, words and actions and that we can be in harmony with ourselves, others, nature and our world.Listening to the low frequency range of the didgeridoo being played in a certain way entrains the brain waves to states of deep relaxation. (

Didgeridoo Sound Therapy has proven beneficial for a wide variety of physical, mental and energetic symptoms and has helped people from all age groups from private clients, main stream and special educational needs (SEN) Schools, disabilities, pregnant women and partners, care homes, mental health, corporate stress management, Yoga groups, meditation and healing group sessions.

Everything in the Universe is interconnected through an energy field. Essentially, we are an energy body having a physical existence and all of our thoughts, feelings and experiences that we have experienced from our past, present and future is held in this energy field. The didgeridoo helps to clear and bring this energy field back to a state of balance and harmony.

Gregg uses Didgeridoo Sound Therapy, NLP, EFT, Energy Psychology, EMDR and Reiki to unlock clients subconscious limiting beliefs and he has been healing & working with the energy field ever since he was very young.

Frequency Fix™ Pure Quartz Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy~
diZsa, founder, of Frequency Fix™ is originally from California & has been practicing yoga & meditation for over 15 years. She is a Yoga Alliance RYT 200® certified yoga instructor & is a Reiki & Matrix Energetics (level IV) Practitioner. She has studied numerous forms of sound therapy and is a professional vocalist & voice-over artist. It is her passion to assist others to reconnect & remember their highest potential through yoga, sound, fun & play.

~ Frequency Fix Events ~
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