What we're about


A GRACE Support Group is a safe place to find community with others who have had a pregnancy or infant loss or the death of a young child. The groups are open to the parents, grandparents and their supportive friends/family who are looking to work through grief in healthy ways, and to commemorate their babies/children.

The Lihue GRACE Support Group initially will meet one time per month for 2 hours on the first Thursday of each month. As the group grows, a second meeting may be offered each month (4th Thursday of the month). Meetings start with introductions and often include a time of open discussion and sharing of individual stories.

To RSVP please call or text: 808-855-5849 or missinggrace.nonprofit@gmail.com.

Members have an opportunity to share any recent challenges they are working through or are anticipating as well as any areas of progress they have made in their journey. Resources are provided, including some hand outs and materials for topics that are pertinent to the current attending member needs and requests (i.e. Marital issues, strained family and friend relationships, and difficult days on the calendar such as anniversaries, due dates and holidays.)

Missing GRACE Foundation is a national support organization that started in 2002 and it's national headquarters is in Rogers, Minnesota. The organization has expanded and now is offering support groups, lay counseling and services on Kauai.

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