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Pre-ritual dinner meeting (Lilith's Tribe in NYC)

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We will talk about an upcoming ritual to be held on Saturday, March 23. We will also share announcements and updates on group activities, and get to chat and network with fellow New Yorkers drawn to Lilith.

This year, we aim to hold a variety of rituals, led by a variety of people of different spiritual paths, all honoring Lilith in one way or another. This month's ritual will be a Satanic ritual to Lilith (

The most important parts of this pre-ritual dinner meeting will be finished by 9:00 PM. Those who can stay later are then welcome to hang around for a more informal discussion, on whatever spiritual, occult, or other Lilith-related topics people want to talk about, until 10:00 PM.

Please plan to spend at least $5 on food or drink, to help us maintain a good relationship with the diner.

NOTE: Attending a dinner meeting (pre-ritual or otherwise) is required for all new members before they can attend a ritual. All other members are encouraged but not required to attend pre-ritual meetings, so as to understand our rituals better. Attendance at a pre-ritual meeting, by all who attend the ritual, is more strongly encouraged this year than last year, due to the greater variety of ritual styles this year and the variety of spiritual paths that these ritual styles will (we hope) represent.