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If you are a soccer enthusiast, Cindy Lauper adorer, role playing gamer, or responsible partier, you would love lily hop. Meet us at a park and become a character in a make believe world created out of grass, soccer supplies, and the imagination. We will start with a regular game of soccer. I will have a field set up with goals, cones, and a soccer ball. Then we will turn into frogs and hop (run) from lily pad to lily pad. Watch out for the piranhas! If you get hit by a soccer ball above the knees or when you are on a lily pad, it doesn't count. Otherwise you go back to the previous lily pad. Add a few gold and ruby cones to steal while dodging soccer balls on your way from lily pad to lily pad in a zig-zag or spiral, and we'll play lily hop piranha cops and robber frogs. If you get hit on or below your knees on your way from lily pad to lily pad in this version of lily hop, you forfeit the gold or ruby cone you stole.

This is for people who want more than what is free. Attending a lily hop pick-up soccer party costs $5. I am 33 years old. I played soccer for about 10 years. In my youth I was really into sports. Then I wanted to make art and be creative. And the dialectic synthesis is lily hop. Let the good times roll.

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