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The Liminal Art Salon meetup group is a forum for incubating authentic expression. Its purpose is to guide, stimulate and inspire artists and seekers to renew the spirit and power of true, authentic creative expression. Liminal literally means "threshold". To create from a liminal state is to cross the threshold between everyday reality and the invisible realms of supra rational consciousness.

We aim to generate, brainstorm and cultivate ideas, imaginings, creations, events and collaborations. Our passion is to midwife the luminous art that aids, inspires and uplifts humanity in the evolutionary trek toward spiritual wholeness. We guide archetypal journeys of self-discovery, encouraging a return to the community to share our gifts.

We are Jais Booth (MA Transformative Art) and Bronton Cheja (PhD Depth Psychology, MA Art Therapy) and have created art shows and events; taught meditation, tai chi, and art therapy; and each engaged in our own artistic development through shamanism, alchemy, and lightwork for over 37 years.

Past events (19)

Post-Election Poetry Reading in Berkeley

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First Sacred Door meditation

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Ecosanctuary Councils January 2016

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Poetry Reading at Expressions Gallery in Berkeley

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