Conceptualizing OAuth, OpenID and Implementation of the Identity Server.

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In dealing with web security, the most common thing for a developer is to think like an attacker while writing his/her code.

For everyone, the standard of development is not bound to just deploy and fix the bugs, but to ensure every developer understands these concepts and helps his/her team for building a better and secure product.

This presentation will start with using some good secured services like OAuth and OpenId based IdentityServer, and understanding how to call it via our application.

Ashish Pandey, a systems application developer at Gallup and a graduate from Northwest Missouri State University, have gained experience for around 4+ years working on various technologies and.NET, I have always been fascinated towards the security of networks and practicing to be an expert in understanding and prohibiting the possible flaws while developing code in this fast-paced technological world. Apart from that, I keep interests in writing poems, painting, adventuring, volunteering, giving talks and I admire astrophysics.