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https://www.facebook.com/groups/150523639882572 This group is for riders who love to explore ridding light Adv and Enduro motorcycles. Rider responsibility is to read the event description and match your skill to it. We will try and spend most of our time off-road. Each rider will be in charge of maintaining their motorcycle before, during, and after our ride along with packing appropriate nutritional food and hydrating beverages for the trip. Let's all have a great time and be healthy for the next adventure. Trail Bound is in no way responsible for your safety or bringing special tools for your equipment. However, group leaders will adhere to and demonstrate proper trail signals and etiquette.

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Attention ladies! You asked, and we listened: Trail Bound Adventure Riders is now offering free clinics for ladies only. all clinics. and Rides. are primarily instructed by a male but with the focus on an environment for learning and fun for females Bike size 750cc and under enduro size 500cc and under
This is your opportunity to learn how to handle your bike off-road, gain confidence, and make some friends in the process you'll learn skills like:

Body positioning for off-road riding
Clutch, throttle, and brake control
Weight-shifting techniques
Balance techniques
Turning the bike using counterbalancing
Obstacle avoidance
Front and rear wheel skids
Hill climbs and descents
Sand and gravel techniques
How to recover from a stall on a steep hill
How to turn around a fully loaded bike on a steep hill
For Those of You that would like to also receive opportunities to learn demonstrations about trailside repair so that you will be equipped to set out on an adventure of your own.

meet place will be different not always the same place but for the Second clinic we will meet at the sand emergency helipad right across from the parking lot Mammoth bar ohv area Old Foresthill Rd, Auburn, CA 95603

Beginner Enduro Riding Clinic A 6 part series

Mammoth Bar OHV Area

Have you had this happen you're ridding an enjoyable trail and then you see it yes the log and there is no easy way around you get stuck by sticks and scratched up from trying to go around and some times the way around is no easier than just going over that log but you don't know how? Enduro riding is one of the most enjoyable ways of riding your Offroad motorcycle. From the woods and streams to the mountain top peaks with rocks the opportunities and challenges are endless.

During B E R C = Biggner Enduro Riding Clinic we will teach you all the techniques needed for a fun and safe day out on the trails.
BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR THIS CLASS you should be able to static balance and have the basic understanding of proper clutch control and slow riding technique ie full lock turns and have the ability to do small wheel carries over small bumps all of these are covered in my other classes intro to adv riding. If you have an auto clutch you will be asked to disengage it and learn proper clutch control Trail Bound is in no way responsible for your safety or bringing special tools for your equipment. in this clinic you will be participating in

-small wheelies and wheel carries


-smaller log crossing 8 to 16 inches

-Up and Downhill riding positions

-Hill Climbs

-Water, and Rock crossings

In the advanced clinics, we will cover pivot turns medium 16 to 22-inch logs and other more advanced techniques see me at one of our events to singe up for the advanced clinics starting this fall

We will also help you with your bike set up and little tricks on how to save energy

Due to snow level we will do / penny pines ohv staging area

Penny Pines Campground

DOWNIEVILLE IS SNOWED IN so we will postpone tell may
instead, we will do an Overnight run mostly single track and tight trails to be expected. while we have ridden some of the trails we want to explore some of the ones we have not been on. Remember runs can bring unexpected obstacles be prepared for the unexpected Dispersed camping if you want, or campsites check online for open closed status. campsites are about a 30 min drive to the stage area

Downieville ca 2nd annual trail ride: See link in description to meet

If you like the high mountain experience on challenging trails and roads And if you like a single track you should know about Downieville.
Enjoy all or part of this two-day experience there are ample places to disperse camp NOTE there are no bathrooms or clean drinking water just streams and no store for gas. Bring everything you may need or you can search google for accommodations like cabins and lodge and campsite accommodations in and around Downieville. approximately 24 miles away this is a very small town most stores close at 5 pm
Saturday there could be two runs depending on how many riders show and bike and skill level
The first trail expect gravel roads trail obstacles --only light offroad prepared adv bikes-- and experienced riders or plated enduro bikes.
Trial rating intermediate for the start and by end of the day, the trail will be difficult there will be an option for a turn out less than 10 min from base camp for those who want to avoid the hard parts and want to turn off early. We will start off with open and flowing roads and trails each becoming harder than the last.
in the more difficult part Expect 4 to 5 small water crossings and one 25 foot across. some off cambers and small rock gardens babby heads This is good for light adv and dual sport riders
Sunday 5 to 6-hour ride single track trail rating black diamond and some dirt roads no adv bikes just enduro and dual sport bikes. Riders should be comfortable with tight turns and narrow tracks in all riding conditions staging area to be given only to rsvp members there is a small parking lot first come first serve parking lot will hold around 15 trucks more parking nearby meet time 9am sharp

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