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We are a group of friends who got together in 2006, to ride in the annual LiDBA 25 mile charity ride around Liphook. We meet every Thursday evening ( April-September) to ride around the quiet lanes of Milland before entering the pub, for a social chat. More recently the group has grown and now we have included some weekend rides. Most of the rides are leg stretchers for fun, some short ones maybe 10 miles, some longer maybe 50-60 miles, taking most of the day at a leisurely- reasonable pace and stopping for drinks, food, photos,or whatever takes your fancy at the time. We ride for fun, we are definitely not head down bum up riders. Most rides are kept local, with some trips to the coast and New Forest. A £6 annual membership fee is payable, for 18 year olds and over. No fee payable for under 18 year olds. Membership is open to anyone who can ride a bike, or tandem if you prefer, both on and off road, to a reasonable standard .We ride for fun, but do enjoy pushing on, so a medium to good level of cycle fitness will be required. All ages welcome for 16+. Do come and join our happy group.

SIMPLE JOINING RULES All new members need to be approved by the organisers. To join you will need to include a photograph and a small description. Please ensure the photograph is a clear one of yourself, ie a face shot to show your whole face, we have received some with heads chopped off, a close up of an eye and cartoons. A clear photo along with your correct first name will enable members to recognise you when you attend your first meeting and welcome you to the group. We are a social group, we ask you be social too upon joining. Many thanks.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE Liphook Easy Riders hope you will enjoy participating in any event involving cycling and that you will understand your own obligations in terms of safety and health whilst doing so, including parental and guardian responsibilities towards any minors who may accompany you. Cycling has many associated health and well-being benefits, provided you remain safe doing so.

Riders should understand that while participating in any event or in any training programs and related activities, they will be using public roads and facilities where hazards may exist. Riders should be aware of and appreciate the risks that may result,

Riders should also be aware that accidents can occur during cycling events, which could result in serious injury or death. All riders therefore are voluntarily participating in Liphook Easy Rider activities with knowledge of all such risks, and when riding agree to wear a properly fitted and adjusted certified helmet at all times and to participate with mechanically safe equipment compliant with the highway code and regulations.

Riders should ensure that they are physically capable of taking part in activities, and where appropriate have taken medical advice before participating. Riders consent to treatment in the event of an emergency or other incident in which, in the reasonable judgment of the on-site personnel, they require medical care.

Members also consent to their photograph, images and any videos being used on the web-site or in any related publicity material.

By registering as members, all riders agree to these terms and conditions, including waiving legal rights, and do so by their own free will.

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