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NomadVolunteer: Let's donate blood and help save lives
Hello! Let's go and make a deposit in our karma bank... Let's go donate blood together :) After the blood donation we'll head out to a restaurant nearby and grab a bite together to replenish ourselves. My name is Lili, I'm a new event organiser for the Lisbon Digital Nomads and this is why I would love to take you to donate blood with me: My sister Esther had an accident 4 years ago - while training a horse, she got kicked in the stomach, her liver broke off of her kidney and caused severe inner bleeding. She survived this life threatening situation, because of 2 emergency operations and 24 blood transfusions, which are not always available at the hospital. The blood in her body was completely replaced. Esther lives happily ever after with a wild mix of red gold running through her veins, which is probably as diverse as our nomad community. My family and I are some very lucky people. Let's create more luck together, what do you think? Date: December 15th at 3 pm (this might take a while, so come with time on your hands) Place: Parque de Saúde de Lisboa, Av. do Brasil, n. 53 Pav. 17, Lisbon Important: please bring an ID Here are some things to consider, when donating blood you should: - feel good and be of good health - not have had unprotected sex in the last year - not taken drugs recently - weigh at least 50 kilos - be between 18-70 years - not had a tattoo in the last 4 months - not be pregnant or have just given birth They will first take a small sample, test that blood and then we will donate the actual amount. We are all one big family and this would be a great way to give back during the holiday season.

Parque de Saude de Lisboa

Avenido do Brasil 53 N. 53, Pav. 17 · Lisboa

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