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In this group we invite all passionate cinephiles to watch wonderful works of film art and engage in dynamic discussions about cinema, aestethics, craft and storytelling, meeting and befriending other movie lovers.

We have a very important partner for this endeavour: http://lacs.pt. (http://lacs.pt/?lang=en)Lacs - Communitivity of Creators - is a creative center with 3 very important cultural spaces in Lisbon. One of the most important inovation players in our city.

We'll be posting several events. Several chances of finding new voices, new inspirations, new friends.

We also have a main event held twice a year: the Lisbon Film Rendezvous Showcase - winter and summer editions! A display of emerging talent from around the world in three full days at Lacs Cais do Sodré. https://www.lisbonfilmrendezvous.com/mission (https://www.lisbonfilmrendezvous.com/mission)

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Lisbon Film Rendezvous’ Director,

Ricardo Franco

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Lisbon Film Rendezvous

Edifício LACS

Lisbon Film Rendezvous

Edifício LACS

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