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MongoDB conference in Florida Hotel

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Node.js + MongoDB by Roman Shtylman

About the speaker:

Roman Shtylman is the founder of (, an online bitcoin exchange. When not evangelizing the bitcoins, I contribute to open source projects, give talks, and teach people about cool stuff. These days I write most things in node.js and work on improving various node.js modules.

About the talk:

Node.js is very popular for web services. Beyond being a good fit for APIs and services, it feels very natural when used with MongoDB. There are a number of modules available to leverage the power of mongodb and node.js together to help you create your app. I will show a few examples of using MongoDB with node.js from my projects as well as cover interesting modules you should be aware of when using mongodb with node.js

MongoDB Head To Toes by Norberto Leite

About the speaker

10gen Engineer and MongoDB Expert Norberto Leite will give a comprehensive talk about MongoDB and the features coming in the next release. Norberto worked at Trovit and Telefonica R&D before joining 10gen to make MongoDB the best Database in the world.

About the talk

Comprehensive introduction to MongoDB features, looking into the new version v2.2