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Practice all of your languages and meet 8+ language speakers in Lisbon!

Languages are little private jets that allow us to hover over our own personality and society. They are jets and not birds because most often than not we have to construct them, and that means lots of technology involved: grammar, books, meeting strangers, travelling, watching movies, training our memory... Languages allow us to redraw our mental paths, to reshape our personalities for the better, to develop empathy, compassion and respect. As polyglots we have so many private jets in our possession, so sharing flights and improving our flying skills is a mission of this Polyglot meet-up. Welcome!

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POLYGLOTS SING: songs that shaped the dreams of entire generations

Associação Cultural Pessoa e Companhia

Polyglot Cartoon Party: speak your languages through cartoons!

Associação Cultural Pessoa e Companhia

Play the Polyglot Game!

Associação Cultural Pessoa e Companhia

Polyglots sing - Part II

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