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Do you live in the city but long for your own little paradise in the countryside? Looking for a place to practice gardening, carpentry, permaculture, DIY, self-sufficiency?

I have some experience with allotment gardens and tiny house villages in Northern Europe and America. I would love to see something similar outside of Lisbon. This is an exploratory meetup to identify interested parties, possible locations, costs, financing, experts, etc. to make that a reality!



• 30–80 properties, each of 20–30 m2 (initially primitive) structure with ~300 m2 plot


• within 1 hour drive of Lisbon + accessible by bus/train

• diverse and inclusive, family friendly, intergenerational

• balance of permanent residents and city commuters

• balance of private space/ownership and sense of community

• governance by volunteer-based community association


• political or religious extremism, utopianism

• communal meals etc.

• holiday village, vacation resort

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Honorato Saldanha

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