Blockchain Scalability, Lisk Relaunch, 30 Lisk Giveaway, FREE Food + Beverages!


The time has finally come for our 4th Lisk San Antonio Blockchain Meetup! This meetup is shaping up to be our best yet! True to our model, we are including both a general blockchain segment as well as a Lisk-specific segment. For our general blockchain segment, San Antonio's very own technology evangelist, cyber-security guru, and budding blockchain extraordinaire, Omar Quimbaya, will present a doozy of a talk on Blockchain Scalability. If you ever wanted to learn about blockchain scaling tactics like Lightning Network, Sharding, and Segwit but were afraid to ask, now's your chance to learn some of the basics. For our Lisk-specific segment we have a very special treat. As many of you know, Lisk recently relaunched and has some great new additions to its ecosystem. In celebration of Lisk's relaunch, Lisk Community Manager, Jan Liz-Fonts is coming all the way from Berlin Germany to fill us in. Having a member of LiskHQ attend a meetup here in the US is a real treat, so don't miss out on this opportunity to say hello. And who knows, maybe Jan will bring some Lisk swag with him?

As if that weren't enough, we've decided to give away at least 30 Lisk for this Meetup, courtesy of Lisk Delegate Pool, Ascend ( For this, we're going to have two random drawings. The first will be be awarded to 3 random Lisk Addresses that are submitted at the door, so make sure you come with a Lisk Wallet Address in hand so you can enter. If you don't have a Lisk address, you can get one for free at The second drawing will be one that anyone can enter, no Lisk address required.

Finally, we work hard to make sure we have a great venue and plenty of FREE food and beverages on hand, so anticipate a decent spread of Shiner, Dos Equis, sodas, water, fruit, chips, and a to-be-determined main dish, all courtesy of LiskUSA (