Blockchain For Developers - How to host a website on Swarm/RIF storage


Learn, discuss and code: a monthly developer meetup
Every 2nd Thursday at Lisk Center Utrecht.

How to host a website on Swarm/RIF Storage!

We're kicking off the first 'blockchain for developers' meetup with a workshop on the topic of decentralized storage by Rinke Hendriksen.

Bring your laptop!

Rinke Hendriksen (@HendriksenRinke) is a smart-contract developer and crypto-economist for IOV Labs ( and contributes on a daily basis to Swarm incentive track. Rinke has a background in economics and Finance, with a Bachelor of Science in Economy and all exams passed to call himself a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. Nevertheless, he decided not to follow the conventional path and choose to pursue a career in Blockchain instead. After following the MSc in Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia and spending many spare hours to become up to speed with (smart-contract) development he now contributes full force to make the blockchain vision a success.

19:00 - Walk-in and pizza!
19:30 - Start talk and workshop
21:00 - Drinks & Networking
22:00 - Closing

LCU Community member Ana Goessens is your host during the meetup.

The meetup is on the sixth floor of the Beatrix Theatre. There will be banners to lead the way. If you have trouble finding it please reach out to Ana at [masked].