Create interoperable Self Sovereign Identity solutions using Hyperledger Aries


Bring your laptop! This month we’re diving into the world of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) at the Blockchain for Developers meetup!

Self sovereign identity (SSI) is a growing movement that allows individuals to own and control their digital identity. Users (individuals or businesses) hold sets of credentials in their digital wallet that can be issued and verified by external parties, allowing quick and safe verification in a diversity of use cases.

Developers Karim Stekelenburg and Timo Glastra will show you how to actually implement these verifiable credentials using Hyperledger Aries. If you’re curious about SSI and want to experience how to actually apply the technology, don’t miss this workshop and talk!

19:00 - Walk-in
19:30 - Start talk & workshop
21:00 - Drinks & Networking
22:00 - Closing

LCU Community member Ana Goessens is your host during this meetup. The Blockchain For Developers meetup is organised every second thursday of the month at Lisk Center Utrecht. It always features actual coding and actual developers.

The meetup is on the sixth floor of the Beatrix Theatre. There will be banners to lead the way. If you have trouble finding it or have any other suggestions/ideas please reach out to Ana at [masked].