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Type Systems with Brian Hurt

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Although Lisp is generally known for its flexibility and dynamic typing, it can certainly be made to accommodate static typing, which is exactly what this presentation is not about.

The first in a series of talks, functional software guru and type aficionado Brian Hurt discusses his personal philosophy of type systems with the goals of writing more software, more quickly, delivering it to market with fewer bugs.

In a language agnostic way, Brian discusses:

An antagonistic history of type systems Static vs. dynamic types? You're doing it wrong. Software guarantees Software Transactional Memory and concurrency Bug hunt: it's not even sporting anymore How and why C# failed The many benefits of functional software How to make Lisp even better Pizza and beer provided by Meetup.

About our speaker:

It has been said that a programmer should learn three languages: assembly language, Lisp, and Haskell. Brian has been paid to program in assembly language, Ocaml, and Clojure, and declares this "close enough." He's also been known to program in C, C++, Java, SQL, and many other languages as need arises, but claims that BASIC programming was only when he was young and foolish. "C'mon, man-I learned Pascal and ditched BASIC when I was 12. Give me a break!" he replied.