Annual LispNYC BBQ

This is a past event

75 people went

Location image of event venue


It's the grilling time of year, come enjoy it with us!

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Tofu, Chips and an initial amount of beer will be provided. You are strongly encouraged to bring along whatever else you'd like to grill and/or drink. Think potluck.

You will enjoy a great view of the sun setting on the Hudson river and over the New Jersey shoreline. A good time will be had by all and their will be much bickering and rejoicing.

This year we invited our friends from Clojure NYC ( and Haskell NYC ( The menu and activities below have been updated to reflect this.


The 96th subway station of the 1,2,3 trains is nearest. When get you to building take the elevator to the 9th floor, then walk up the stairs to the roofdeck.


1. Immutable Burgers
These are for the true Clojurians and feature burgers that are cooked rare so that they pretty much come out the way they were put in thus minimizing any harmful side effects that could result from the process of cooking them.

2. Continuation Burgers
These are for the Schemers and feature burgers that are medium rare. These burgers can be swapped in and out in a state preserving manner so that cooking can continue at any point for a short time only, thus allowing many burgers to be continuously cooked effectively in parallel.

3. Closified Burgers
These are for the hardcore Common Lispers and feature burgers that are well done and wrapped in blackened layers of dispatch protocols. The overhead induced by the dispatching is why these burgers take longer to cook.

4. Monadic Burgers
These are for the Haskellers and feature raw hamburger meat wrapped in a bag that you can take home and cook later. Inside the bag is a description of how to cook the meat. The bag features left and right compartments, and should you fail to cook the meat, the spoiled meat can be placed in the left airtight compartment.

Lisp/Haskell Multithreaded Dodge Ball

We will be holding a dodge ball like tournament between the Haskellers and the Lispers. The Lispers will be provided with numerous Nerf Parentheses which can be thrown concurrently, and the Haskellers will be provided with Nerf Monads which can also be thrown in parallel.

We will however require the Haskellers to flatten their monads prior to throwing them since we really don't want anybody getting hurt.