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Wise Woman Circle
A Wise Woman Circle is an unique opportunity for personal & community-centered transformation, supported by the safe & authentic support that only a group of women can offer. These evenings of inspired thought & meaningful connection centers on topics near & dear to our hearts. This is likewise a wonderful way to get a sense of not only what’s possible for women when we get together but also, where each individual is on their personal journey to self empowerment. Open and accessible to all women, this Wise Woman’s Circle is intended as a place for women to explore and experience what it truly means to be a woman in today’s day and age while also honoring where we all came from. Join Sandra on the full moon each month (or twice a month in January and March) for this incredibly powerful event. While this event is free, love offerings are accepted.

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This group is all about bringing you back to your best self. A reminder to help you on your path to remember who you really are. I started this group to connect to other like minded individuals and bring them together to help teach each other see what being a spiritual being in this human experience is all about. We will have group discussions, Reiki shares and all sorts of manner of classes to help expand our awareness. We all get messages from our Spirit Guides every day to help us with all of life's choices. They are that little voice that tells you when you meet someone for the first time if you like them or not. It can also be the gut feeling that tells you do not go down that street, there is danger there. Sometimes it can come in the form of a memory of a song playing in your head or an even a familiar smell that no one else smells. These are all ways in which we all can be Listening to Wisdom. Arthur believes our truth resides within all of us and sometimes we need a guide to find it again. Let Arthur be your guide on this most fantastic of journeys we call life!

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