What we're about

This group is for anyone who finds themselves with these little inner cravings for travel and the mountains. We welcome anyone, especially beginners or recreational hikers, of all ages and fitness levels.

Our aim is to encourage more outdoor travel and experiential learning; to inspire and encourage each other to step out of their comfort zone and enjoy the mountains along with new learning experiences. We wish to encourage a healthy living and fitness, along with appreciating nature as a lifestyle.

Also, we do not wish to be little monsters as travellers. We strive to promote sustainable travel, along with understanding and appreciating local culture. We hope that the experience more than just enjoying yourself and "YOLO".

Therefore, we try to make our trips as affordable and accessible for people.

For this meetup group, feel free to have discussions on trips or any questions on travelling or hiking.

Our trips primarily revolve around having mountains in the region. We do less of Malaysia and more of the other parts of the world to enjoy the different mountain ranges and areas in the world.

Do not worry if you are totally new! We wish to encourage newbies or first-time travellers/hikers/trekkers.

We will try to cater for different trips of varying difficulties. On top of that, each trip will come with advised training and detailed info-kits and briefing, explaining the difficulty and preparation for it!

You can fill up some forms if you wish to be contacted to help arrange trips for you

List of intended trips for 2020:  https://forms.gle/7rLfrMKXf3CwjSzC6  (https://forms.gle/7rLfrMKXf3CwjSzC6)

This form can be filled up multiple times if you are interested in more than 1 trip!

If you do not have a strong wish list or a strong preference but wish to do hiking for 2020, you can fill up this form.
Trip Planner: https://forms.gle/Knjwg5hcMXjPqq5W6

These forms allow us to help group and gather people together to *make trips happen!* (Also helps for planning leave)

Also, to get regular updates, you can consider joining these channels!

Telegram: https://t.me/littlemonsterstravel
Whatsapp Group: http://bit.ly/littlemonsterstravel

Company Name: Little Monsters Travel Pte Ltd
TA License: 03117
Website: http://www.littlemonsterstravel.com
Email: Info@littlemonsterstravel.com
Whatsapp: +65 97511216

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