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Your life is fulfilling and meaningful, but . . .

You do not buy-in to conformity--your family and friends often don't get you.

You are open-minded, forward thinking, and accepting of others.

You are likely a pioneer or leader in your career, thinking or healing practice. You are a coach, speaker, healer, seeker, and/or go-giver. Your work or position doesn't matter.

This meetup is a safe space to relax, relate, and grow. We encourage authenticity and intentional self-care. Feel free to join this community of like-minded individuals, as we pursue deeper conversations on spirituality, emotional intelligence, personal growth & development, mental health, and lifestyle concerns.

Activities we enjoy: vision board and discussion, YouTube video group discussions, book review, leisurely meetups, prosperity planning, and presenting/promoting on our businesses and hobbies.

Upcoming events (4)

The Wounded Healer

Family Service Agency Bldg.

We will discuss the healer archetype; the light and shadow attributes, with emphasis on the Wounded Healer.

Are You A Rescuer?

Family Service Agency Bldg.

We will discuss the light and shadow attributes of the rescuer archetype; with emphasis on codependency and the rescuer's motive. Key Question: Is there a desire to be needed?

Emotional Intelligence: Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?

Family Service Agency Bldg.

We will discuss the central qualities of EQ: self-awareness, mood management, impulse control/delay of gratification and social skills. EQ plays an important role in personal and professional success. This discussion is meant to increase insight into the nature of low EQ.

Why Are Arkansans Googling About Major Depressive Disorder?

Family Service Agency Bldg.

According to TermLife2Go, Major Depressive Disorder was the most googled mental health concern in the state of Arkansas. Let's have a conversation about mental health self-care, seeking professional help, and beating the holiday blues. Check out the article for a look at all the most googled mental health concerns in the country. Retrieved from https://termlife2go.com/most-googled-mental-health-concerns/ on July 25, 2019.

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Astrology Basics

Family Service Agency Bldg.

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