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Ekam World Peace Festival

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"Ekam World Peace Festival is not peace activism.
It is a movement in consciousness towards peace"
~ Krishnaji - Founder of O&O Academy

11 Days of Meditation for Peace

This daily Practice for Peace,
called Dasha Shanti Siddhi,
will have a specific focus for contemplation
as follows:

August 9th
Peace Meditation: For ending of all wars in the world.
You will receive the following Blessing:
The inner war and conflict in your consciousness
will reduce

August 10th
Peace Meditation: For Religious Intolerance in the world to cease
Blessing: Your connection to the Divine will become strong

August 11th:
Peace Meditation: For domestic violence to cease
Blessing: Your family will be blessed with peace.

August 12th:
Peace Meditation: For violence against Nature to cease.
Blessing: Your homes will be blessed with a lot of positive energies flowing into them.

August 13th:
Peace Meditation: For cruelty against animals to cease
Blessing: You will be blessed with greater compassion.
August 14th:
Peace Meditation: For violence against Women to cease
Blessing: Women in your life will be blessed and be peaceful - it could be your mother, you, your aunt, your friend, your daughter.

August 15th:
Peace Meditation: For violence against Children to cease
Blessing: Your children and future generations will be blessed and become peaceful.

August 16th:
Peace Meditation: For violence in the minds of young people to cease.
Blessing: The young people in your life - (it could be even you who are young) - will flourish and have peace.

August 17th:
Peace Meditation: For Racial Discrimination to cease.
Blessing: You will be blessed with greater respect and acceptance in society.

August 18th:
Peace Meditation: For Economic Exploitation to cease.
Blessing: You will become prosperous.

August 19th:
Peace Meditation:
The culmination of Dasha Shanti Siddhi for world peace and collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future.
The Blessing: Is for your evolution to total Awakening or Mukti to be hastened.

* The Peace Point Gathering in Arkansas*
takes place in Hot Springs on Sunday, the 19th.
Everyone is invited; no prior experience
with Oneness is necessary.
There is no charge. However, if you would like to
give a love offering for the use of the space,
it would be appreciated.

The Center for Spiritual Oneness
300 Oaklawn St.
Hot Springs, AR[masked]:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Facilitated by Chris Johnson -