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Turtle Spirit Jam - Circle and Spheres: Dimensions of Connection

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Circle and Spheres: Dimensions of Connection

Hosted by Stefanie and Tasara

INTENTION: Our intention is to embrace this circle of community with our music – and to weave the rhythm and harmony we create into a sphere of loving intention.

Our intention is to recognize the connections we make as we create music together in this circle, and to be aware that our sphere continues to grow in each moment that we connect with another individual. Our intention is to embody the energy raised here tonight, and carry it with us out into the world beyond our circle.


WHEN: Saturday, March 1st, 7-9pm
WHERE: Embrace the Moon 1716 NW Market St. (Ballard)
DONATION: $10-15.


---------------- Normal Turtle Spirit Jam Stuff ------------------------

Turtle Spirit Jam is a community ceremony where we take a deep journey using our drums, voices, other instruments and bodies to explore the Other Worlds for insight and healing, for ourselves, each other and Mother Earth Father Sky. Some participants also come to journey or to meditate.

Turtle Spirit Jam is a place to practice listening to the spirit of the drum and the spirits the drums evoke.
Turtle Spirit Jam is hosted rather than facilitated and drummers at all levels of experience are welcome. You are invited to dance, rattle, drum, hum, drone, chant and/or vocalize your intention and your joy in our safe & open circle.

Drums, didgeridoos, flutes and other instruments are all welcome. If you would like to bring any items to add to the altar cloth including (but limited too) small percussion instruments, extra drums, personal items of significance, etc., it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so as to avoid "breaking the mood." as we do start on time. Thank you! If you do arrive late, please be conscious of subtlety when entering the space. Children are welcome!

**People of all religions and spiritual paths are welcome.** Blessings of Light and Love!

TURTLE SPIRIT JAM EVENTS ARE DRUG/ALCOHOL FREE. Please do not mix ceremony with altering substances in our space. For more on that, read the Turtle Spirit Jam note page.


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